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Let's close the social and economic gap for Black single mothers -- together!

There are 4.2 million Black single mothers in the U.S. Family households maintained by women with no spouse present have the lowest median income ($48,098), which for a family of four in many states is above the threshold to receive social safety net support.

The Current Project has identified a niche group within the 4.2 million Black single mothers who we have identified as "Middler Moms," Black mothers who out-earn social safety net guidelines but under-earn to economically thrive.

Glaring gaps for this stakeholder group is prevalent despite their high educational attainment and the pursuit for higher paying jobs. Middler Moms are a unique stakeholder group to address policy gaps that have not been solved. Because Black female head of households are some of the most common household type in urban cities across the country, closing the racial wealth gap rests heavily with resourcing this niche group

We take a tailored approach to programming focusing on economic and emotional wellness through our signature program, CurrentEconomics, a 6-week financial wellness program that combines financial and emotional wellness to help close the knowledge gap for Black single mothers. The numbers tell us the impact:

  • 54% of mothers who completed the program reported being able to save money through simple changes. Over $4,000 saved amongst cohort participants in six weeks.
  • 44% of mothers reported an increase in their credit score.

Learn more about why CurrentEconomics works below!

With your help we can ensure that by 2030, every Black single mother we encounter will have a pathway toward social, economic, and emotional thriving through education, employment access, or small business.

We are building the capacity to expand our work, reach more mothers, and become the country's primary source for programming, data, strategy, and policy for and about Black single mothers. Join us in our commitment to our community's most innovative members!

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